"Here to help you SERVE your customers."

What is Swapp?

SWAPP is a cloud communication solution that has been strategically engineered—based on market research—for businesses that handle and discuss volumes of confidential information.

For example, but not limited to, legal and finance professionals.

Why Swapp?

Your business is experiencing delays in exchanges with its customers (e.g return of signed documentation or exchange of contracts).

Your business is still using multi channels of communication—emails and telephone conversations— despite having tried more modern solutions.

Documents need to be reviewed, witnessed, and signed in a timely manner.

Your business and your customers find it difficult to use other/new forms of communication.

Your business needs to identify all customers so that you can trust who you are talking to when exchanging information.

Your business struggles to keep abreast of calls and to protect confidential information, as well as struggle to record confidential information.

Your business needs to identify all customers so that you can trust who you are talking to when exchanging information.

As a business, safe management of confidential information is your top priority to protect your business and protect your customers.

Leverage SWAPP as a new way to:

Securely meet with your customers on one-to-one or in group sessions over video.

Safely and securely sign all contracts and agreements.

Ensure appropriate compliance is met along with record keeping and witnessing.

Communicate with your customers on your own terms using your own company identity/brand.

Have full autonomy of your data.

Simplify your workflow for your business and your customers.

Swapp Outcomes

Implementing SWAPP to simplify communication between your business and your customers—in the virtual world—will ensure you stay current, secure, compliant and operate efficiently. You will have full control of where your company’s data is stored, how it is generated as well as managed, ensuring the highest confidentiality is maintained throughout any given process. Furthermore, you will be able to serve your customers and achieve objectives safely and securely.

Your Business will be equipped with:

Identity verification - know and trust who you are talking to.

Video calling - securely hold a conversation in real time.

Electronic Signing - collaborate, review, sign, witness contracts, agreements and other confidential documents.

Data / Information security architecture

24/7 Technical assistance.

Service Delivery Plan

Our plan to deliver our service.

  • 1

    Assessment & Security Review

    VDC.cloud will assess your needs, your existing communication tools and create a roadmap with the objective of giving you full control over your business and confidential data communication.

  • 2

    SWAPP Solution Deployment

    VDC.cloud will architect and deploy SWAPP on your cloud environment securely.

  • 3

    SWAPP Support

    VDC.cloud will support your bespoke SWAPP solution under a managed services contract.